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Simple and effective rapid PCR test at a very competitive cost, for your family, your travels or your company. Call us and we get closer.

SARS-GOanalytics, allows to monitor how the pandemic is behaving at the entrances of the treatment plants and in the sewers of the populations.

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Our Organization

General in Analysis, Materials and Services S.L. (GAMASER), we are a specialized laboratory and Inspection Entity for the Global Omnium. We began in 1994 on the foundations of what was previously the Laboratory for Quality Control of Water

For this reason, we conserve the experience and knowledge accumulated over more than 100 years not only in the supply and control of water for human consumption but also in the provision of services related to the Integral Water Cycle, a line developed by the group in the 1980s.

This continued acquisition of knowledge attached to the Global Omnium is applied in our daily work and is maintained in our innovative installations and equipment, and in our specialized staff. Also, our vocation for constant improvement is reflected in our firm willingness to achieve new challenges and contracting staff who are more and more specialized and thorough.

The objective of GAMASER is to gain and maintain the trust of our clients, and for this our services are based around 5 pillars:

  • Independence and impartiality
  • Confidentiality
  • Professionalism and technical competency
  • Efficiency of processes
  • Excellence of service
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