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GOlab is the Laboratory and specialized Inspection Entity of Global Omnium, born in 1994 on the basis of what until then had been the Group’s Water Quality Control Laboratory.

For this reason, it retains the experience and baggage accumulated for more than 100 years not only in Supply and Control of Water for human consumption but also in the provision of services related to the Integral Water Cycle, a line developed by the Group since the 1980s. .

This work of continuity in the know-how inherent in Global Omnium, is transferred to our day to day and is maintained in our innovative facilities and equipment and in our specialized personnel. In addition, our vocation to constant improvement is reflected in the firm will to meet new challenges and in our commitment to increasingly specialized and demanding personnel.

GOlab is not only an analysis laboratory, but it has also made its way into the world of Inspection, following the Wastewater Discharge Inspection Protocol for Collaborating Entities of the Hydraulic Administration, being the second entity to achieve the homologation in Spain.

GOlab aims to achieve and maintain the trust of its customers, and therefore its services are based on five pillars: Independence and impartiality, Confidentiality, Professionalism and technical competence, Process efficiency and Service excellence.

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